Popcorn Fundraiser 2017

Fundraiser Information

How the Fundraiser Benefits the Pack

Pack 45 relies on this fundraiser for its annual operating budget (beyond Scout registration fees).  We use the money collected to rent activity space, reduce out-of-pocket costs for Scout events, provide supplies for events, and to provide training for our leaders.

How the Fundraiser Benefits the Council

A portion of the popcorn sales go directly to the Garden State Council.  The Council uses these funds for their annual operating budget, just as the Pack does.  The Council directly supports the Pack by providing "paperwork" support (registrations, advancements, recruiting), running the local Scout camps, and Council-sponsored events.

Ways to Sell Popcorn

Take Orders

Scouts can take orders on an order form supplied by the Pack.  The form and money is turned to the Pack and the popcorn is then ordered for the Scouts to deliver at a later time.  This method is great for house-to-house selling.  The order form is also great for parents who want to bring the form into their workplace for added sales (remember, sale proceeds directly benefit your Scout).

Scouts may collect the money as they take orders, or they can collect the money when they deliver the products.  However, we recommend taking money up front, as you are responsible for paying for your order in full when turning in the order form.

Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms when selling popcorn door-to-door.  Also, Scouts should always be accompanied by an adult.

Take order forms were distributed at our last Pack Meeting.  If you did no receive one, email dave.maas@verizon.net.

All take order must be submitted by October 26th, 2017.  We will be accepting forms at the Mantua Community Center ton October 26th from 7pm - 8:30pm.

If there is an issue, please call Dave Maas at 856-542-8166. 

The pickup date for these orders will be November 12th starting at 12pm at the Mantua Community Center.

Online Sales

Scouts can sell popcorn expand their customer base when they sell online. By sending emails to friends and family who live far away, Scouts reach customers who they otherwise would not be able to sell to.  Selling online also eliminates time-consuming deliveries.

Scouts need to set up their own account on www.trails-end.com.  All online sales go to the Pack and Council in the Scout's name, and Trail’s End ships the product directly to the customer.

Using a tablet or laptop you can create and share your personalized Scout Popcorn Seller page with friends & family via email and social media. This works especially well with out of state/out of area sales. This method mitigates the handling of money and/or product and allows for direct shipping to buyer. After you have placed an order, an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. When your order ships (usually within 2-3 business days of order placement) you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.

The Trail’s End Online Prize Program is designed to reward Scouts for their fundraising efforts. You’re automatically enrolled just by having an online registered Scout account.
  • Sell $300 and receive a $15 Amazon gift card
  • Sell $1,000 and receive a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Sell $2,500 and receive a $125 Amazon gift card. Plus, you’re eligible to receive 6% of total sales invested in a college scholarship.
  • Earn 5% for every dollar sold online, over $300. It’s that simple!Once you hit $300, you’ll be able to redeem your online sales for an $15 Amazon gift card. Or you can keep selling & then cash out for a higher value whenever you want. Then for every $20 you sell online, you’ll receive an additional $1 towards a gift card.

Selling at Show and Sells/Door-to-Door using the Trails-End Digital Take Order

You can use the "Trails End" mobile app (created by EZ Forms, Inc.) on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to take online orders.  Before using the mobile all, you'll have set up the scout's account on www.trails-end.com.

Show and Sells

Pack 45 has worked with local businesses to get approval for us to sell popcorn at their establishment during specific dates and times. The Scouts setup a table at the business, and have the popcorn ready to sell directly to customers.  Show and Sells are not only a great way to sell lots of popcorn, but they allow our Scouts to interact with the community.  It's usually a fun time for the boys!

The first Scout selling at a location during the day will need to pick up the products, a table, and envelopes for keeping collected money.  The last Scout selling at a location must return everything.  Detailed instructions will be communicated to you when it is your turn to sell.

All Scouts must wear their Class A uniforms when selling popcorn at a Show and Sell, and must be accompanied by an adult.

Due to the very limited quantity of product we have to work with at the moment, we ask that you and your scout push to sell the products at a Show & Sell location via the Online Take order method. This will ensure that the customer receives the product to their doorstep in a 2-3 day period whether they pay you with cash or card. The app is very easy to use and even if a customer isn’t interested in popcorn, it’s just as quick to enter in for a Military donation. Additionally, we will be allowing units to open cartons of Unbelievable Butter. The idea behind this is to push for a Military donation, and give thanks by offering the customer 1 pack from the 18 count.


Click on the link below to signup for a day and time: