Pack 45 Night at Riverwinds

What:  Pack 45 Night at Riverwinds
Who:  Scout and Family
Where:  Riverwinds Community Center (see map below)
When: Tuesday, March 8th, 6:15pm-8:00pm
Cost:  Free

We'll meet in the lobby at 6:15pm to review rules/details, etc.

This is a family event, so parents and siblings are welcome to attend and/or swim.

Boys should wear bathing suits under their cloths to minimize amount of time in locker rooms.

Lockers will be available (have to bring your own lock though), and keeping a close eye on personal belongings is recommended.

Lifeguards ARE on duty, but leaders and parents are requested to assist in monitoring.

Personal life jackets (brought from home) are permitted.

The diving board will be unavailable as another group is using, but we'll have the zero depth pool, lazy river and water slide (though boys must be over 48" to use).

No food or drinks can be brought in.

RiverWinds Community Center