Cub Scout Day Camp 2013

What:  Cub Scout Day Camp
Who:  Cub Scouts
When: Week of July 15th
Where:  Pine Hill

The Medical Check and Swim Test will be Wednesday, July 10, from 6PM to 8PM at Pine Hill.

Each Scout will be required to have a medical form to attend camp.  For Day Camp sections A and B need to filled out.  Click here to download the medical forms.

Medical forms are to be turned in at the Swim Test, which is also the medical check in day.  Scouts must accompany their medical form.  Forms may not be turned in for scouts not present.

Any Scout who cannot attend the swim test will have their medical check-in on the Monday of their week of camp.

Adults that are volunteering as Den Walkers will also need a Medical Form – Sections A & B.  And if you want to get into the pool during camp, you also will need to have a swim test.

If you are carpooling with other families, please make sure all potential drivers are listed in Part B of the Medical Form in the area titled – “Adults Authorized To Take Youth To and From Events”.

If a driver is not listed for a scout, there will be delays when you leave or pick-up scouts.

There is room to list three drivers, if you need more room use the bottom of the page; the back of a page or add a page.


Aqua socks or shoes for the pool - it seems to have a rough surface.

For the week of camp, scouts should wear his bathing suit all day.  This depends on the scout, of course.

Some people don’t like wearing a wet suit for hours after swimming.  It does speed up getting to the pool if you are already wearing it.

Getting to Pine Hill can be a problem during the morning rush.  Give yourself at least 30 min to get to Pine Hill from Mantua.  Make sure you use the entrance for Cub Field.  This is where the parking lot is.  The other entrance is in the woods.  Click here to view Matt Kizer's recommended route from Sewell.

Pine Hill Scout Reservation