Scouting for Food 2012


Each den will receive a box with their assigned neighborhood maps and their allotted bags.  The bags are joined in bundles of 59 bags.  Partial bundles have a rubber band around them.

We only have about 30 extra bags that were not distributed to the dens.  If you have extra bags after delivering to your assigned areas, please return them to Lory Roberts in case other dens need extra bags to deliver to their areas.


 Den  Area  Bags
 1  Breakneck Road (map)  50
   Crescent, Rosewood, Wilson (map)  250
   Royal Oaks (map)  370
 3  Deerfield Circle (map)  100
   Snowy Owl (map)  130
 5  Center City - Jackson to Rte. 45 (map)  400
   Center City West (map)  150
   Chapel Ridge (map)
 6/11  Berkley Condos (map)  350
   Cold Springs (map)  200
   Rte. 45 North (map)  180
 7  Sewell North (map)  250
   Timbercrest (map)  200
 12/16  Berkley Townhouses (map)  250
   Carriage Hill/JMT (map)  350
   Mantua North (map)  120
 15  Mantua Blvd North (map)  60
   Mantua Blvd South (map)  50
   Sewell South (map)  460