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October Den Meetings (Focus for Oct is Fitness Activity Badge) pages 246-247
Meeting #1 - Monday Sept 24th 6:30-7:45pm Mantua Methodist Church
Agenda completed towards Fitness Activity Badge and Physical Fitness Belt Loop:
1. Requirement #1 -Health and Fitness Character Connection
2. Requirement #5 -Bad effects of smoking/chewing tobacco
3. Requirement #6 -Four reasons you shouldn't use alcohol
4. Requirement # 7 -What drugs can do to your body
5. Activity -find your pulse and track it at rest and then after physical activity
6. Activity - Completed pencil toe relay race
Work Required to be completed at home by Oct 28th
1. Requirement #2, #3, and #4
2. Asking that the boys bring in both thier weekly meals plan (req #3) and also thier weekly record of meals and snacks
3.  i suggested they use a poster board to track these, or a calendar, or whatever format they'd like.  Each scout must bring these items to the next den meeting which is scheduled for Oct 29th
Meeting #2 - Monday October 29th at Bethel Mill Park - Time is TBD
Agenda completed towards Fitness Activity Badge and Physical Fitness Belt Loop:
1. Ask that each boy show Mike and I their work completed at home to satisfy requirements #3 and #4
2. May ask a few of the boys to share their meal plans and tracker with the den
3. We'll be doing a variety of physical activities for about 45 minutes (push ups, pull ups, etc.)
If the scouts are able to complete the above requirements and activities, they will have achieved their Fitness Activity Badge and also their Physical Fitness Belt Loop.
Previous Notes:
Monday Sept 10th 6:30 -8:15pm Noles House
Agenda and activities towards Outdoorsman Activity Badge
1. Scouts participate in a camping tent set up
2. Scouts prepare a list for camping
3. Scouts setup and cleanup of family meal
Cookout dinner for the den and families.
2nd Den Meeting - Sunday Sept 16th 2-4pm (Rain Date 9/29)
Meet at Wenonah Lake
Agenda and activities towards Outdoorsman Activity Badge
1. Scout Hike at Woods @ Wenonah Trails
2. Fire safety discussion (Pgs 357-358)
Parents Important Note -
Additional Requirement Needed for Outdoorsman Activity Badge (page 344-345)
1. Scout must take part in a Webelos Overnight Campout or a Family Campout (upcoming opportunity to do this is Webelos Weekend Oct 5th-7th).  If your not able to participate in this or any other past campouts, the scout and parent must campout together to meet this requirement.
Our goal is to have this activity badge completed by the end of September.
Thank You!!      Mike, Lisa and Bob


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